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Food allergies are on the rise. Nearly 3 in 100 Americans has a food allergy:

The newly released study, perhaps the largest study of food allergies, showed that about 7.5 million people, or almost three in 100 people in the U.S., have a potentially life-threatening allergy to peanuts, dairy, eggs or shellfish. Children, as well as men and African-Americans, have higher rates.

A new study shows that people who buy food at the grocery with a credit or debit card are more likely to buy unhealthy food and to make impulse food buys than people who pay with cash.

Homemade Pop Tarts? RIDICULOUS! Get them in my mouth!

Also, get this Persian herb frittata in my mouth, stat! I will gladly wait the 80 minutes!

Have you heard of spaghetti tacos? I’m glad I hadn’t before, either. I hope I never have to eat one of these.

Here’s an article about cohousing in Idaho. If you don’t know a lot about cohousing or cooperative living, this article has some basics.