Why are women depicted differently from men in food photography?

Why, that’s an excellent question.

Have you ever seen a photograph of Alton Brown biting sensuously into something?

…We’ve got our share of food celebrities, from dowdy to delish, but there seems to be a universal code that dictates female food personalities should always be photographed eating something… Men in the food business are masterful about their food, whether it’s Bobby Flay gripping a spatula like an axe, or Ace of Cakes’ Duff Goldman holding two pastry bags like tattoo instruments. B is for bad-ass bakers, and all those motorcyclists out there with a sweet tooth. I’m not trying to spin a few pictures out of context, but it was pretty easy to find suggestive photos of Giada, Nigella, and even Paula Deen. And I’m not going to mention Rachael Ray—she seems to be branching out into an entirely non-culinary field altogether.

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I would say this phenomenon is also related to why cooking (domestically) is thought of as “women’s work,” but only 13% of executive chefs are women, and female chefs make 24% less than their male counterparts.

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