What is this blog for?

This blog is about what we consume.

It’s about food, for one thing. You’ll find new recipes and our takes on current recipes. Gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and/or local foods will be featured. Many people don’t do a lot of cooking or feel they don’t have basic cooking knowledge. Thus, we’ll be sharing knowledge we’ve acquired about the foundations of cooking. Tips to cut food-related costs will also be featured. On “Found Fridays,” we’ll write about something we cooked or ate involving found food (usually dumpstered) in order to illustrate the deliciousness of dumpstered bounty, and to promote ideas about different ways of acquiring food besides purchasing it. News articles about food will be shared, especially those that involve new ways of thinking about what we eat or the relationship between food and social justice. Others’ blog posts and blogs will be shared as well. We’ll be talking about the stories that food tells and the anthropological role that food plays in our lives.

As we are homebrewers, we’ll be posting a similar type of content for beverages.

We chose the name “umbelliferous” for a number of reasons. Like the plant family of Umbelliferae, this blog contains a variety of tasty content, some of which serves a human purpose beyond what’s pleasing to the palate.



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